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HVAC Training Classes

If you enjoy working with your hands and want to find a job in the lucrative field of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning repair, then you’re going to want to know a little bit about HVAC training classes before you get started.

HVAC TechnicianThe field of HVAC repair is a quickly growing one.  The United States Depart of Labor Statistics estimates a projected increase of 30% or more of those working as heating and air conditioning mechanics and installers between 2010 and 2020.  When you combine that fact with a 2012 industry annual median wage of $43,640, HVAC training represents an incredible opportunity for those that don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

HVAC Mechanics and Installers – A Brief Overview

Heating and air conditioning units are present in almost every building and home in the country.  The HVAC technicians that work on these units, whether they are repairing an older unit or installing a new one, provide a vital service to all of America’s businesses and families.

Whenever a unit breaks down or a new building is installing a heating or air conditioning unit, a technician is needed to oversee that unit’s repair, replacement and/or installation.  The question you might want to ask yourself is, why couldn’t that technician be you?

Here are some common tasks a typical HVAC technician might be asked to perform:

  • Installation of controls and electrical wiring
  • Testing of installed or existing controls and wiring systems
  • Maintenance and testing of existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to determine if repairs are necessary
  • Install new units, being able to decipher design instructions and blueprints to determine proper placement of units
  • Connecting systems air ducts, water supplies and fuel lines

One advantage to the field is the possibility of taking on a general role or opting for specialization.  Many HVAC repair technicians will choose to specialize in heating, air conditioning or ventilation repair services while others will choose to work in all three areas.  No matter what path you decide, HVAC repair is a field with a lot of options.

Earning Your Certification

HVAC Training ClassesWhile some HVAC technicians learn their trade on the job, getting an entry level position in the field can be challenging without first receiving some training and hands-on experience.  The best way to combat this is by attending an HVAC training program that leads towards certification.  Certification programs for HVAC Repair are usually offered by trade and vocational school or local community colleges.  Programs will typically last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

If you like what you’re hearing so far, an HVAC training course could be just what you’re looking for.  HVAC training classes are offered in both classroom and online settings and getting started is easier and more affordable than you might think.


While requirements will vary from state to state, depending on where you live, your local governing body may require you to be licensed before working HVAC systems.  If this requirement applies to you, all the more reason to look into HVAC training classes to help you plan and prepare for licensing requirements in your state.

If you’re going to be working with air conditioners, regardless of your state requirements you’ll have to pass a federally required examination first.  The Environmental Protection Agency requires all technicians that purchase or perform any maintenance on units that use refrigerants pass an EPA certification.   The EPA exam is in written format, specific to one of three specializations:

  • Type 1 – Servicing small appliances
  • Type 2 – High pressure refrigerants
  • Type 3 – Low pressure refrigerants

Trade and vocational school HVAC training programs are perfect for helping technicians prepare to pass the EPA exam.

What are the Prerequisites?

While there is no formal education typically required to start an HVAC training program, any applicant can usually expect to benefit from some previous coursework related to the field.  Many programs will require all prospective students to have graduated high school or completed a GED equivalency program.  Previous coursework in math, physics and shop class will also be of benefit before starting any HVAC training program.

No matter what field you choose to work in, having a general knowledge and interest in that field before you get started is always big plus that will serve you well.  So if you are someone that likes to work with your hands and has an interest in electronics, plumbing and home maintenance, then HVAC training could be perfect for you.

Is Financial Aid Available?

HVAC Financial AidThe cost of pursuing this kind of vocational training can make your decision to get started difficult.  Thankfully, there are a good number of federal assistance programs that can help you finance your HVAN training.

One way you can get started is by filling out the Free Application for Student Aid or FAFSA.  You can also contact the financial aid office of the trade school or community college you’d like to attend.  They may already have a number of financial aid programs in place, and at the very least could be a big help in finding financial assistance.

Are Online Classes Available?

Maybe you’re ready to get started with your HVAC training, but your busy schedule of work and family makes the idea of squeezing in a school schedule sound just crazy?  If this is the case, then you may want to consider taking your HVAC training classes online.

Online courses will often give you the flexibility of taking classes whenever you like from the comfort of your own home or for that matter, anywhere you have access to an internet connection.  Some programs you choose as well as well as some schools you wish to attend may have limited online options.   If the ability to complete your coursework online is important to you, you’ll want to be certain your program is available through a distance learning option before you enroll.

Find HVAC Training Classes Near You

If you think that you’re ready to take the next step and begin your HVAC training program, getting started is easy.  The most important thing is finding the right school that with the right program that will fit your busy schedule.  That information is just a click away.  You can get started by using the search option at the top of this page.  The first step towards your career as an HVAC repair technician is just a click away!

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